Takemusu Aikido

Aikido is generally perceived as a sport. If Aikido were only a sport it would still be interesting but is more than that, Aikido is Takemusu. Unification movement of the body and spirit is learn through three fields of study: the spear, the sword and empty hand. Read more »

Presentation of ITAF

ITAF is an international federation of which the object is the coordination and the administration of an international policy of development of the Takemusu Aikido. ITAF provides all the infrastructure necessary, as well on the administrative level as in the field of the constant improvement of knowledge. Read more »

I am an Aikido instructor

Whatever my personal history in Aikido, my formation, my federal origin, I can practice within the framework of ITAF, affiliate my dojo with national ITAF representation of my country, or possibly work to constitute this national representation if it does not exist yet in the country concerned. Read more »

I am an Aikido practitioner

ITAF is the concrete expression of an international will to make known and to transmit the takemusu Aikido. All the practitioners of Aikido, whatever their federal origin, are welcomed to the training courses organized by ITAF. I can also find a dojo affiliated with ITAF, pass my grades and my certificates. Read more »