I am an Aikido instructor

Whatever my personal history in Aikido, my formation, my federal origin, I can practice within the framework of ITAF, affiliate my dojo with national ITAF representation of my country, or possibly work to constitute this national representation if it does not exist yet in the country concerned.

To take part in training courses

ITAF training courses are not reserved to the members of the federation. They are open to all the practitioners of Aikido regularly insured and interested by the teaching which is proposed in these demonstrations.

Refer to the website of each country for the advertisements of national training courses, or on this website for the advertisements of international training courses.

To take a licence of instructor and an ITAF passport

The teaching licence-insurance delivered by the national representations covers the risks incurred by the teacher because of his teaching.

The international passport of Aikido ITAF is identical for all the countries and designed to follow the course and the progression of the practitioners and to witness the engagement of the instructor in his work of continuing education. ITAF passport is delivered by the national representation.

Refer to the website of each country to obtain more details on the insurance, e.g. on the procedure to be followed for obtaining this licence.

Ranks kyu and dan

The system of ranks ITAF, from 6th kyu to 8th dan, is founded on a program of examination worked out starting from the techniques of weapons as well as of the techniques with empty hands. This progressive program is conceived easier towards most difficult: knowledge of the preceding levels must be thorough, at the same time as new knowledge is required.

The ranks until the 4th dan included are exclusive responsibility of the national representation. From the 5th dan, the candidates pass their examination before an international commission of experts among whom the national representation plays a paramount role.

Download ITAF technical syllabus.

Kirikami, Mokuroku and Menkyo kaiden certificates

An evaluation of the progression of the practitioners is organised by means of their classification in a system on three levels corresponding to the three traditional phases (Shu, Ha, Ri) of the evolution of an individual. This progression is sanctioned by a certificate on three levels (Kirikami, Mokuroku, Menkyo-Kaiden).

Continuing education

The continuing education of the teachers is organized on the national plan by the national technical commissions and on the international plan by the international technical commission.

Training courses

Only official representation ITAF is entitled in its country to organize demonstrations under the aegis of ITAF. This representation can possibly delegate this power to a dojo or a group of dojos, but the potential organizers must necessarily obtain his prior agreement.

Contact the national representation of your country

Affiliation of a dojo with ITAF

The members of ITAF are national federations. An isolated dojo cannot thus directly become a member of international ITAF. It must be affiliated with the existing national representation and will thus become, through her, a member of ITAF.

Contact the national representation of your country

To become a national representative of ITAF

The members of ITAF being federations of dojos, a dojo only does not meet the requirements to become national representative. In a country where there is no ITAF representation, a dojo must join other takemusu dojos so that their union takes the shape of a moral person who can become the national representation of ITAF.

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