Presentation of ITAF

ITAF is an international federation of which the object is the coordination and the administration of an international policy of development of the Takemusu Aikido.

Directly or through its national representations, ITAF provides to the instructor of Aikido as with the beginner all the infrastructure necessary, as well on the administrative level as in the field of the constant improvement of knowledge.

Head office

The head office can be moved in any Member State by decision of the General meeting.

3 Impasse Bouvard
06160 Juan les Pins


President: Mr. François CHIDIAC (Lebanon)
Vice-president : M. Charles CHIDIAC (Belgique)
Secretary: Mr. Marc VANBEGIN (Belgique)
Treasurer: Mr. Philippe VOARINO (France)

ITAF members

The members of ITAF are national federations which work in their country on the development of Takemusu Aikido.

In each country, ITAF grants a delegation of powers to a single national federation which becomes thus its official representative in the country considered. This national federation remains completely independent. It has a relationship with ITAF only within the limit of the delegation of powers which has been granted.

Delegation of powers

This delegation of powers authorizes in particular the national representation to deliver passport ITAF, to examine the candidates with ranks ITAF, to deliver these ranks in the name of ITAF, like organizing national demonstrations of Aikido placed under the aegis of ITAF, such as the continuing education of teachers or public training courses.

National representations